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Crackme #1

Guest Tundra

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Guest Tundra

First crackme I wrote, hope it's not too easy :D

Find a serial for your name, or better, write a keygen (No patching)



Links to DLL files:

Attached the debug version, try it if the original doesn't work.



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Guest Spiziuz

Works for me :) The file have 8 DL's, and two complaints, so for some people it may work?


EDIT: If this were a real program, i would have registered it by now.. But i dont think i have solved this correctly?

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Guest G0TCHA


The file's corrupt!!

I didn't yet look into it! But i think it's the packer you used -if any-!

If it's not the case... wait.. I'll take a look.

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I didn't download anything.....Maybe the required dll files are already installed on my pc :P

Maybe the files hosted at the above site are old....here are mine...try if it works for you

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nope....dosent work !

where did you place the dll ..... in the same folder i suppose !

i have SP2....hope that dosent create a problem !

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What's the fun if people can't get it to Run (Although i don't have any problem) :)

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Guest Tundra

I'm not sure what's causing the problems. I compiled this with Visual C++ 2005, so if anyone has any experience with this issue, I'd be grateful for some advice =)

@yamraaj: Good work, and I've fixed the bug =b

I included the Debug Version of the program, see if that one works.

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MS Visualstudio 2005 components and the programmes created with it need Dot Net Framework 2 on your computer. That may be the reason it is not working in many computers.


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