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Visual Basic Bassmod Source Code...

Teddy Rogers

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well it's a *.res file which includes the bassmod.dll and your xm tune but an explaination will be cool for other members to do their own xm tune in it or not?

greetz Jada^AoC

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Guest valky


Recently i been trying to find out how to do exactly what you done here. The thing i dont get is: How do you include both *.mod and bassmod.dll into a res file do you covert the mod etc to a binary format?

Forgive me i am really new to visual basic and any help walkthroughs i would appreiciate very much.

Thanks for your work tho it as helped me a lot so far.

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Guest X-13
Just what i needed :D

wow..at first i didnt expect that this one is what im looking for,but when i dl and open i found out that was so cool it helps me a lot im using this to one om my vb apps credits to you man.thanks a lot

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Guest ScRaT

I've got a question on this topic:

Is it possible to extract those sounds from an existing *.exe-file?

I've found a SnD-Crack with a great sound, and if it's alowed I'd like to use it for a program of mine...

If there's already an existing thread with the same topic, please be clement to me and just post the link... Thank You!

PS: I'd like to post the *.exe in here to show which sound I'd like to have, but unfortunately it isn't allowed...

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Guest ScRaT

Thank you for your fast answer, but the posted tool didn't work, there were no chip sounds.

But I've got another idea:

The Crack was produced by "PiONEER-SnD Team", and I'd like to know if there's someone in this board who has the source code or could give me the *.res, *.mod or other soundfile included in this *.exe.

I've hosted the *.exe here: CLICK ME! (PLEASE REMOVE if this kind of linking is forbidden!)

Thanks, ScRaT

EDIT #1: I've checked the *.exe with ProcessExplorer and I'm sure that there's anything with bassmod.dll in it...

EDIT #2: I'm programming very much using Visual Basic 6 - source code or development files will help me, too!

*Please forgive me my bad english...*

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Thank you for your fast answer, but the posted tool didn't work, there were no chip sounds.

Loaded in reshacker it seems its FastTracker v2.00 module, WinRipper v0.78 from here can extract it.

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The Crack was produced by "PiONEER-SnD Team"...

Yes, like zako said... if you don't have Resource Hacker... get it ! :)

You can easily extract this XM file - or look for "Hybrid Song" on MOD-sites...


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Guest ScRaT

@zako: Thank you for the link!

@Ufo-Pu55y: Thank you for the song's name - i found it on the page zako gave me.

My problem is solved, thank you at all who helped me!

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related to source code above from ted, i want to change the music with the other mod/xm file in project.res ( in source code i mean),

Does any body knows how to embed xm/ mod file to resource file (.res),

thanks for help/suggestion.. :rolleyes:

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