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Keygen Me

Guest aj-crackerz

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Guest aj-crackerz

This is my first GOOD keygen me lol


It's a rar file

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Teddy Rogers

aj-crackerz, please do not use hot-links in your posts (last warning) and please can you recap on the forum rules just in case you may have missed anything:


Many thanks...


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The Old Pirate

In first two boxes any number > 1000 and in 3rd box multiplication of them ;]

And here goes little keygen for it in java script:

<script type="text/javascript">	  /* JS Keygen for "Keygen Me by Mr. A"
* by The Old Pirate /MBE 2006 */ function getRandomNumber(minNumber,maxNumber)
return (Math.floor(Math.random() * maxNumber) + minNumber);
} function generateKey()
var box1;
box1 = getRandomNumber(1000,99999); var box2;
box2 = getRandomNumber(1000,99999); var box3;
box3 = box1 * box2; return box1 + "-" + box2 + "-" + box3;
} function showSerial()
document.forms[0].elements[0].value = generateKey();
} </script>
<body onload="showSerial()">
<input type="text" readonly="readonly"/>
<input type="button" onclick="java script:showSerial()" value="Generate"/>


Edited by The Old Pirate
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Guest aj-crackerz
tht was very easy :P

was it? lol im not very good in it but i tought it was a great keygenme!


i didnt know that :-) know i do

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