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Guest Tundra

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Guest Tundra

Hi, this crackme is from the SnD site, and I'm wondering how I'm supposed to input the serial into the program. When you run the program from Windows, a message box immediately pops up saying "The password is incorrect." When you press the OK button, the program exits. So I assume this is supposed to take input from the command line, but that doesn't seem to work either. Could anyone help me out? Thanks :D

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Not sure where you're struggling with this.

As you suggest, it takes a parameter from the command line - you can open it in Olly and enter a parameter to test.

It then arses around with your input by first bunging it through a function and then running it through a loop in the main process. Following that, its compared with a hard coded string.

Your objective is to find the parameter which matches the hard coded string following manipulation. Its a brute force as the algo appears to be non reversable.

Hope that helps and doesn't just reiterate what you already know.


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Guest Tundra

ok thanks, I got it working

it turns out I needed quotation marks around the key when running it from the DOS command line

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