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Bone-yard Ftp - Cant Connect

Guest T3chn0fr3ak

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Guest JoeMuscles

Hi every1

I'm new 2 this FTP server thing, I just downloaded FTP Navigator 7.5 which is unregistered. If anybody

has a crack, keygen, or patch please give me a direct link 2 get it. Well anyway my problem is this,when i try logging on 2 bone-yard.no-ip.org. I get Error 530 PORT command only accepts client IP address.

Connection closed. I put all this info in correctly

Site ............: bone-yard.no-ip.org

Port ...........: 2664

Login .........: sndlovers2

Password ...: PI7Y4ZKY

can anybody help

Thanks in Advance

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i never have any problems with FLASHFXP maybe you should try using that application much simpler

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  • 2 months later...

now it works

I'm banned but I'm still trying

So....if your banned.....why are you still trying...?

That is like sticking a fork in the light socket, screwing yourself up, and then continuing to do it anyways.

or putting your hand in fire, getting burnt to sh1t and then doing it again just to try it out.

(moral behind that is why do something stupid more than once?)

Hammering my server is not going to help matters.

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