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Flash Enabled For Avatars & Signatures...

Teddy Rogers

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I have enabled Flash for avatars, signatures and posts. The avatar dimensions and sizes are the same as normal avatars. The signature and post sizes are 300 x 150 and maximum file size are the same as the avatar settings.

To get Flash activated in your signature you can use:

Change, "flxsh", to "flash", I had to change it to stop it displaying the Flash file here.

It doesn't matter if you specify a bigger size than what is shown above, IPB will give an error saying that it can't be used.

If you decide to use Flash images please do not use anything that will be very annoying, Flash with lots of sounds or flashing graphics will be disrupting for others forum members. Anyone who abuses this privilage will be banned from using it in the future.

If anyone has any questions or issues please feel free to raise them here...


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