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Board Upgrade & Notifications...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

This topic is used to notify members of board updates as well as any configuration changes as a matter of courtesy to keep you fully updated...


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Updated general information...
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The forum, Gallery and Download areas have all been upgraded to their corresponding latest versions. Please feel free to check out the benifits and features of each, there are some nice new touches in IPB :D

Unfortunately a few issues occured with the Live Chat feature and it has, for now, been disabled until/if the original IBIRC author updates it to support the new IPB version(s). In the meantime there is a substitute in operation, simply click on the redirection link on the main index page and remember like before you will need to have Java installed for it to function correctly.

I omitted two things from the previous forum design; I removed the clock at the top right of the page and I removed the five random images from the Gallery at the bottom of the main index page. Will anyone miss the clock? As for removing the five random images I thought it may help to improve main forum index speed since some people have been saying they have as of late been experiencing reduced page loading speeds. If people want to see it back let me know.

If you come across any issues please post about it here:


Hopefully everything should be running smoothly as before. Happy posting!


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I have made some modifications to the forum so that it now allows live linking directly in a topic or post and works via http://anonym.to//?

I will be giving it a trial run before making it final and edit the forum rules appropriately. Please try it out by posting your links as normal and without the code tags or http change. Example:


If you experience any problems please let me know. Happy linking... :)


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Fixed the forum IRC client, now the original IBIRC client works again and should now be open for guests to use also... :)


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Teddy Rogers

The site has now been moved to our new host. If anyone spots any problems or errors (other than the Gallery) please let me know about it and I will try to get it fixed...


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Teddy Rogers

Upgraded the forum to IP.Board 2.3.0

Bugs Fixed

Attachments in PMs

2.2 -> 2.3

Profile Exploit ?

Comments on profile page (banned user leave a comment)

[2.3] File Permissions Checker

[2.3]Custom BBCode Transforms to HTML Upon Edit

[2.3] style_images not properly created on new install

post + merging + moderate forum

Stronghold Cookies & Group Cookies enabled cause clash

Typo in Check Length Alert Boxes

Typo in Warning Options

Uploaded attachment shows twice, and PM attachment error

Lost Password Emails Bugs!

Cycle in function get_month_name()

BBcode and Custom BBCode not parsed --> RSS Export

Security Center NOT saying right time it was last scanned

Allow Posting in this Category

Secondary groups + permissions

Clarification of instructions - Black/Whitelists

Rate profile alt tag

[ Add New Note ] function in acp

some xhtml error in folder_rte_files

Spelling Error in ACP on Security Center

Banned usernames

Poll skin bug

RTE Justify Full formatting is lost

Missing and unneeded HTML on print topic page

Post in normal editor, edit in RTE

Java script in code.../code

Remove Formatting sometimes doesn't work in RTE

Missing language string 'partial_login' referenced by login_core.php

Copy and paste issue with colors in RTE

Server load - uptime

Approve Comment PM returns error upon link

Group doesn't change back after change of email

Login Manager missing a setting

PMs with attachments

Extra Page in UCP Manage Attachments

Subscription Manager > Manage Transactions

$this->errors[] & $this->api_error[] in language API

MSSQL Search

Reported Post By PM

Moderator Logs > View Actions

Signatures, rebuild?

ACP Home

index.html needed in action_admin

Top 20 posters - backwards?

[2.2.2] -3 New Messages

Admin Accepted Registration email blank for multiple approvals

RSS export: Custom BBCodes not interpreted in topic

Switch editor removes upto index.php

Resynchronize Topics in ACP and deleted member

"Recipients Name" should be "Recipient's Name"


Email / Username

Votes After Editing a Poll

Editing a post allows a poll to be added

Max. single upload size: 2mb - should be 2MB

SQL error when amending profile information

ipb_forum.js minor edit not an error just standards

RSS Import - Space

[2.2.2] ACP Pagination "Go to Page" broken

[2.2.2] -# PM's - Left over

Error with the 'Remove Old Validating Members' task

[iE7] Forever loading page(s)

Database Index Checker (2.2.2)

Split from 4833

Build Number

update topic views message

Forum moderators unable to attach images to a post

Composed font names (BBCode)

"Latest news" on board header

New PM subject line

Make Portal Homepage and Announcements

Staying logged in bug (Another ACTUAL problem)

Admin CP - .htaccess password protection

Members display names

[2.3.0 bug] PM error

[2.3.0] Online indicator is missing

Logout with 2.3.0

SQL Error ibf_topic_markers

Global Max upload

Missing Timezones

Konqueror "File attachment don't work"

Text doesn't wrap in 'Special Menu' when posting

Emotions Parse Incorrectly when switching editors (Standard to RTE)

Display name quotes

Quoting posts with emoticon chars

Remember me stops working after upgrade

Find members posts

IPS Driver error if unapprove a message with long unicode title on subforum

double copyrights in ACP

Subscription manager - double promotion

Friends Pending Deleting

How to limit Root Admin using ACP restrictions

Wrapping of long words in comments causes errorneus tags

Slashes duplicated in skin - can't do \n in <script>

Skin selection doesn't check if skin file exists

Max. no. emoticons per post - personal message preview

Please do not use ini_set to change memory_limit

Insert link missing from ACP editor

Posts subjects in outline mode

Prune/Mass Move

API issue with RTE and STD in topics_and_posts

Account locked negative minutes.

IPB Portal Calendar displays incorrectly

Lang errors in profile

Uploaded File Extensions

Messenger issues

Quick Edit BBCode/HTML

Moderators table doesn't reflect member login change's

Settings Quick Jump dropdown from a Component page

Topics falsely showing as having queued posts

Mass Mailing

Members seeing posts within invis threads via the User Profile

Search Admin Logs -> Search for Member ID

Language abstraction - editor template

Subscription Manager

RSS Import adds br tags before and after title in the title

Forum Subs - 1 per login

Registration complete page missing table header

Personal Statements ignore Bad Word Filter

Deleted User Shows Missing in Last Visitors Column

Broken quotation marks in report message PMs

multi-lingual pm notification bug

New topic awaiting approval + relative dates

Edit Storage Folders name with numbers cause lot of PM's

Missing file

Calendar - find member's topics link broken

Viewing members by post count

Malformed URI cause many warnings

IPS Driver error if edit message title with unicode title on subforum

Profile Settings - Notification

[2.2.2] Announcements dont list by date properly

Hardcoded text

RSS Import Manager

JS file error

Deleting the admin_login_logs (ACP, MySQL)

404 Error When Changing skin when account suspended

SQL error with bots again

init.php clean up

Members Login User Name Bug...

Spiders logs and Lo-Fi

Google Is Getting Errors On Pages

Password Length

ACP: Changing member's Display Name

MySQL 5 STRICT error - browser

Skin differences, colors reversed

zero's in name of excisting members causing trouble

MySQL5 Custom Profile Field SQL error

Merge concurrent posts bug on a moderated forum

Error, can NOT read file:

Gender field resetting intermittently

Delete Calendar doesn't delete

Bug in ipsclass.php with php5 (non static method)

Legacy Mode enabled causes large color palette

Tons of errors on ur site

Topic notifications give blank salutation

Quick-Editing corrupts special characters

href errors when edited

Remove personal photo

The attachements are not working

Typo in File Permissions Checker

Error when mass pruning members

Usernames with leading zeros not registered properly

show create table queries fail

v2.2.2 lang_error



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Upgraded to IP.Gallery 2.2.0

New Features and Changes:

Use of IP.Board internal and alternative cache stores to reduce overhead

ACP language abstraction

IP.Gallery has been converted to a component from a module

Redesigned ACP interfaces for managing categories, post form, and groups

Post form fields automatically insert into the post form and image view page without manual skin edits

Import/export of media types to allow sharing of media type codes

Zip import capabilities for members

Latest images honor permissions accurately / Improved recursive latest image and count handling for albums and categories

Image dimensions display on fileview

Slimmed templates, better use of foreach and other html logic to make skinning easier

Added "Forum style" for album listings

Various image listing pages use the global settings (as opposed to hard-coded 9 image display)

Internal code overhaul - reduced queries, reduced number of queries in SQL cache files, less template files loaded

Improved search - search capabilities expanded, search results use image listing format

Improved full image popup options: show in new window, show in popup, use IPB attachment (Gallery 2.1) style, and lightbox integration capabilities

Added ability for members to choose default sorting for albums when creating them, added sort options to album view

Notification option for new comments to an image (with ability to subscribe during image submission)

Notification options for new images in a category or album

Control panel to manage notification options

Ability to view more than last 10 comments (view all, 10 per page, ordered by submission date desc)

Ability for administrators to disable private albums

Added easy bbcode options to image view page

Added ability to set an image as your avatar

Redesigned image view page slightly to clean it up a little

Added ajax controlled photostrip navigation

Added ability to find all images by a user from the Gallery tab in profiles

Ability to moderate albums, including move images to and from albums, hide and unhide images in albums, pin and unpin images in albums, etc.

Plus dozens of small cleanups here and there. Much of the work went into the backend - there was a lot of abstraction of common functions, and a lot of work put into making Gallery run more efficiently. There is now a much stronger base moving forward to work from than before, and adding new features should be much easier than it was previously.


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Updated the forum IRC client to the latest version.

Added basic forum RSS syndicate. Note, you can still use IPB subscriptions :)

Cleaned the default skin.


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Some forum upgrades and changes took place today:

IP.Board 2.3.2

This release is a bug fix and maintenance release for IP.Board. While there are skin changes to fix skin-related bugs, those changes are not critical. There is no need to revert your custom skin changes on upgrade if you are not experiencing problems.

IP.Gallery 2.2.1

This release is a bug fix and maintenance release for IP.Gallery.

You may also notice that we now have an offical Tuts 4 You skin, formerly IPB Pro skin. Thanks to Ecliptic for creating the nice logo... :D


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Some more minor changes and bug fixes to the boards IRC client:

- Fixed an error with the IRC client not connecting to a server

- Now Guests can *really* use the boards IRC client

- Corrected "Guest" login error whilst trying to connect to a server

- Added channel smilies

- Corrected IRC client skin dimensions for all board skins

- Deleted the temporary "Live Discussions Community" board referrer for Guests that was in use


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Forum upgraded to 2.3.3:

Bugs Fixed Since 2.3.2:

Thumbnails always being generated

Quick reply parse URI encoding

Clickable Smilies

New post indicators not working properly.

Change Display Name bug

Just BBCode Problem

IP.Board Pro skin ,,My Friends,, window tabs bug

find members post missing thumbnaiils

Bug in Comment, Text Editor

last_visit not updated?

2 things in acp after upgrade

Subscription expired date is wrong.

Navigation Bar on View Topic History

IP.Board PRO skin possible bug

Guest Posting

Empty feeds

Linear+ and Outline ware switched to Standard when you want to see Poll results

Over Attachment Limit

Security precation can cause valid text to get replaced

Mark all as Read fails on Main page

Image identified as dynamic image

searching not working properly

Is this a bug?

XML-RPC User will not delete

[2.3.2] Missing unread-icons with "View New Posts"

Split from 4833

Number of guests is shown wrongly IPB 2.3.2

Full and Update package discrepancies

Problem on the ipb portal setting


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  • 2 months later...

Just finished upgrading the forum to IPB 2.3.4 and the Download area to 1.2.0.

The list of changes, bug fixes and new features can be found here, for those among you who are interested:


Should anyone experience any anomalies since the upgrade please let me know...


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Teddy Rogers

The forum now has its own Blog page for all Full Members should you wish to use it :)

There are rules to using it but they are common and obvious rules to this board already so no one should have a problem with it. However I would appreciate it if people read up on the rules just in case:


Thank you and happy blogging... :thumbs:


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  • 3 weeks later...
Teddy Rogers

Moved some categories around, deleted some non-essential/useless redirected forums and did a general board tidy up.

If anyone experiences any problems please let me know...


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Teddy Rogers

Community Blog has been updated to 1.4.0. The new features of the blog are:

New Default Style

Themes and Custom Headers

Content Block Plugin System

Social Bookmarks

Media Integration

Akismet Integration

Feedburner Integration

Other Changes:

- Edit Entry Date

- Display article count for categories

- Blog Offline Mode

- Entry author replies in comments are now highlighted

- Admins can select a ‘Featured Entry’ to be displayed on the blog listing

Some of you may be pleased to know that Friendly URL's work again. If you would like this enabled for your blog you will find it in your blog settings.

Should anyone have any questions or queries about the new changes please ask them in this forum.

Apologies for not having updated the Community Blog earlier, I have been busy with real life matters the past few weeks...


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  • 5 weeks later...
Teddy Rogers

Some minor board changes were made today:

  • Community Blog is now available to Junior members, not just Full Members.
  • Trackback has been re-enabled with SPAM protection. I will see how this behaves otherwise I may disable this feature again, bloggers please let me know if SPAM becomes an issue.


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