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Hadits follower

i have tried two way to skip trial pass but i have failed both , one when i get msg trial expiration at preparemethod , i have setted a static method so i get back the last method code line but when i back i see assembly all types get crashed like assembly get dispose after the trial msg appear , 

and another way i have tried i have removed .hvm section completely but it will corrupt file not work , actually i am not good at asm language , so i cant systemfiledatatime check . 

i have fixed yck project for latest clr library 4.8.9195.0 built by: NET481REL1LAST_B  => 64bit works excellent , i can get CORINFO_METHOD_INFO , no need dbghelper.dll  , 

at trial edition just need startup methodhandle hooks no need full modulhandle hook . 

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Posted (edited)



native dumped



[edit] - doh, the same dropped to %temp% by default.


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13 hours ago, Hadits follower said:


我尝试过的另一种方法是完全删除 .hvm 部分,但它会损坏文件而无法工作,实际上我不擅长 asm 语言,所以我无法检查系统文件数据时间。 

我已经修复了la test clr 库 4.8.9195.0的 yck 项目,构建方式为: NET481REL1LAST_B   => 64 位,效果非常好,我可以获得 CORINFO_METHOD_INFO ,不需要 dbghelper.dll , 


can you share your fixed yck project?

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