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Hello Freinds,,,

Which is the best obfuscator in between of agile.net and vmp protect 

kindly please tell me which is is best in virtualisation and hard to de-virtualise..

i heard more about of vm protect...

let check who votes which is best and hard ....





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Eazfuscator.Net virtualization is the strongest for .Net according to my experience cuz it uses Homomorphic encryption in its virtualization process which makes it extremely difficult to devirtualize.
.Net reactor devirtualizer is already available on internet so forgot about it.
Have no idea about virtualization of agile.net and dotfuscator but their deobfuscaters are availaible on internet.

My winner is Eazfuscator.Net. 

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Hello Friends ,,

Anybody here who have experiance in vmprotect or agile.net  devirtualisation....

which is hard to devirtualise...


Thanks Mr MQREFP and  jackyjask For Their Suggestions....





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Hadits follower

vmprotect and agile.net is not same , agile.net using jit  , 

and vmprotect using virtualization and a good mutation  => [[[ in v3.6 i can unpack delegate and runtime string and [control flow [80%]] ,  problem in local variable ]]]]

whatever as i seen in  online local search => vm protect v3.6 unpack no result ,   


anyway vm protector v3.6 is quite useless , if you protect/virtualization a critical c# code with vm protector v3.6 then u code will crash/ will not work after protect , i tried to use this vm protector v3.6 into my c# project  => honestly my project get crash after use this protection , 


and other side agile.net u can protect most of critical c# code and protected code should be works but it can be unpackable . 


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11 hours ago, Hadits follower said:

a critical c# code with vm protector v3.6 then u code will crash/ will not work after protect

recently VMP 3.8.1 was leaked have yo tried it as well?

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