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Looking for Asprotect 2.xx Unpacker v1.15F-2 or Volx script for (unknown AS API)


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Hi, tuts family I'm looking for the below scripts I already looked at the form but I didn't find any if you guys have these then please let me know or suggest where to get thanks in advance,

Asprotect 2.xx Unpacker v1.15F-2
Aspr2.XX_unpacker_v1.15F Update for VOLX Script

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  • The title was changed to Looking for Asprotect 2.xx Unpacker v1.15F-2 or Volx script for (unknown AS API)
On 3/31/2023 at 1:53 AM, jackyjask said:

all editions of Asprotect Ollydbg scripts could be found over here (and much more!)

I  already tried many from this package but it won't work as it's all outdated but thanks for your interest mate.

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On 4/1/2023 at 8:52 PM, jackyjask said:

did you reach any success with latest edition of the script?

naaah I won't but it is working like a charm atleast these scripts unpack the whole code and shows stolen code along with other bad memory Identities the program which I'm working for having extra protection but this scripts helps alot

I have found some more new scripts sharing on this thread for others 😛

Aspr2.XX_unpacker_vovlx.txt aspr2xxIATfix.txt Asprotect 2.xx SKE OEP finder.osc

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