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Unpack .bin firmware


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This is the firmware of my home satellite receiver,

I am trying to unpack it to hide or remove some installed apps but I couldn't access the targeted files.

I have tried different scenarios with  Binwalk, radare2 & Ghidra but I didn't make any success because I am still a newbie so I thought to consult the professionals.


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@MCUDC did you download this firmware from somewhere or did you extract it yourself? If you downloaded it, could you point me in the right direction of where you got it? I've been able to extract several individual files from the firmware, but probably not what you're looking for. It appears that this part of the firmware may only be responsible for downloading another piece of firmware via FTP? Which if you downloaded it from a vendor website, makes sense. Most of them don't want to give the full firmware available for download, but they do give a piece of firmware that downloads and extracts firmware from another place.

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