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[Help] Typecasting Windows


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I came into a problem where i need to grab BeingDebugged BYTE from PEB https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/winternl/ns-winternl-peb

I got the address of PEB from x64 system

PEB* _PEB = (PEB*)(__readgsqword(0x60));

to get the address of BeingDebugged flag i need something like 

(PBYTE)_PEB + 0x002

but i am not sure what typecasting exactly i have to use , give me your lights.

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14 hours ago, h4sh3m said:


Do you mean this ?!

BYTE IsDebugging = _PEB.BeingDebugged;


This works , however i was trying to do it other way. I think i found what i was looking for.

IsDebug = (BYTE) * (PDWORD64)((PBYTE)_PEB + 0x2);


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