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I`m very new to here and I`d like to ask, so, I`m just a noobie who`s doing mods for Unity for already created games such as plugins in C# that uses frameworks which are gives me comfortable API for server manipulations (Kill player, give to player items, ban player etc), sometimes even client manipulations, so and because sometimes these mods may be ordered by someone, so its means I will be payed for that work, that means customers could re-sell these mods which they`re running with real game server on their machine (for example dedicated-server), after that Modules of the game loading these mods via Assembly.Load then Modules creating instances of the mods via reflection etc.

Problem is customers may re-sell these mods and even decompile them somewhere and see the code and use it in their needs and I decided to research about what is obfuscation and what is Unity and how to protect my mods there as I understand Unity - Mono - Fork of .NET Framework - these all gave me a lot of answers to my questions also.

I found obfuscator which is open source on github: https://github.com/sunnamed434/BitMono


My question is, what do you think about this obfuscator, could I select it to protect my mods, btw I don`t need private obfuscators which will rob my wallet, so I need something.

Attached both files (source and obfuscated) and you could try to found out there something, unpack or something like that, because I understand nothing in obfuscation, but the thing is I don't see C# code, and this is cool to me:
Mod_source.dll - is source of my custom mod in C# for Unity Game with frameworks
Mod_source_bitmono.dll - the same as Mod_source.dll but obfuscated by BitMono

Mod_source.dll Mod_source_bitmono.dll

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