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Looking for very basic dotnet obfuscator


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Im looking for very simple dotnet obfuscator,everything that it should do is renaming classes/methods/strings/etc using dnlib

Nothing more

I want to change it to fit my ideas, but projects like confuserex are too complicated for me bc i never worked with dotnet obfuscators before



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15 hours ago, atom0s said:

There's a list of various obfuscators, a lot of which are free/open source, here: https://github.com/NotPrab/.NET-Obfuscator

You can also find a handful via just looking for it directly on GitHub: https://github.com/search?l=C%23&q=.NET+Obfuscator&type=Repositories

I tried but all of them are too complicated to start and all i need is basically need just renamer
Or are there any "tutorials" how to make obfuscators with dnlib?:D

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I tried this shit and despite this is just a simple renamer its fornicationing crash hello world binary

Seems like problen can be solved if you didnt renamed .ctor,but this doesnt work on anything bigger than hello_world.exe

Which parts can't be touched yet when renaming?

Is there are any good example of renaming binary or good working code ?

I wanted to write everything from scratch, but everywhere in the documentation they offer me to hammer nails with a microscope


Please help me,im really interesting but dont know where to start



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