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Oceans Winlicense v3.1.2

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  • Solution

It was a pretty easy Target If You know how to play with @SDK calls or how to change the code in fly/patch in memory.

  • Dump the exe as It is Winlicense over C#/.NET, So Memory Dump will work fine. I did not see any Anti-dump so I performed a regular Dump only. 
  • As You can see, It loads "WinlicenseSDK.dll" which can not be dumped via C# Memory Dumping so You can save it when this @DLL is called.
  • As I saw that it loads "kickogg.dll" which is a small Game (if the License is valid) so I changed the configuration to make it Successfully Registered.

but the Problem was - Dumped file do not have this "kickogg.dll" file anywhere so I must have to dump it from original exe by altering the code. 

So, How ? -

  • You can intercept the calls of License SDK and make it valid to dump the main DLL or
  • You can perform some other tech. to dump the embed file even when they are not called anywhere. So If you do this, You do not have to modify the License calls for Success but can directly dump. 

I use the 2nd way to dump it. 

Here, We go.


Code of Game File - 



  • This is the File of Game - "kickogg.dll"
  • Executable used to Load it - "WindowsFormsApplication1.exe"


All Files - 


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