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Can you crack the code on this 50-cent coin?

Teddy Rogers

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75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Challenge

On 1 September 2022, the Royal Australian Mint released a limited edition 50 cent commemorative coin to celebrate the Australian Signals Directorate's (ASD) 75th anniversary. Fifty thousand coins have been produced and are available for purchase by coin collectors and the Australian public.

The 50 cent coin marks 75 years of ASD, reflecting on our mission defending Australia from global threats. It commemorates our historical roots in World War II, harnessing and mastering technology to reveal foreign secrets and protect Australia’s own.

In tribute to the importance of code breaking and evolution of signals intelligence, mulitple layers of cryptographic code have been included in the design of the coin. ASD cryptographic experts collaborated with the Royal Australian Mint to design the coins unique and enigmatic code. A hidden message will be revealed once each layer of code has been cracked. All that is needed is a pen, paper, Wikipedia and brainpower. If you think you can decipher our coded messages, contact us and submit your answers. We’ll reveal whether your answers are correct at the end of September 2022.





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