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Keygen templates written in winapi c and 64bit xm library


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Hello friends.

I have deployed a new repo. There are WinAPI C Keygen templates which plays XM music. And they are 64bit.


You can get the keygen template sources and relevant data from:

Waiting for bugs 😬


Btw, i got the library from libxmp. But libxmp did not give us a simple player API. So i have extended the library. It is also included the repo above.

libxmp-lite4reversers.zip SCT-x64-GUI-KeygenTemplate.zip

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16 hours ago, SuperJackAbcd said:

Why not MP3 file?


if my memory doesn't deceive me you can already play MP3 files with windows' `winmm.lib` library. MP3 files are compressed streams. But an XM is `extended module`. They are way different.

To answer your question, there might be several answers:

  • XM files are very very small. And i want to add this sound file as a resource to my binary. So small is better!
  • I love listenning chiptune music. Oldies goldies! (checkout keygenmusic.net if you haven't)
  • I also love style/art of demoscene era. I have grown up with this stuff(check: defacto2.net )
  • For a long time, there wasn't a library for playing XM music on a 64bit binary. Finally there is an open source project: libxmp. So i took the opportunity and create static library which is easy to use
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