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Anyone has compiled "ribthegreat99OrN0P/Agile.NET-Deobfuscator" ?


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I tried this or that, but strangely, I am unable to compile https://github.com/ribthegreat99OrN0P/Agile.NET-Deobfuscator-Latest.

can anyone give advise how to reinstate 'Echo' dependencies correctly? i cant find them neither in nuget search or anywhere. Tried to manually build Echo projects and reference their dll, but was tiresome and still they were not accepted in primary solution. 

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I know this is too old but just in case you wanna try it again, here you can build the Echo lib:


After you build it, you'll see all required dll here:





Echo.Concrete.dll Echo.ControlFlow.dll Echo.Core.dll Echo.DataFlow.dll Echo.Platforms.AsmResolver.dll echo_dll's.zip

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