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x64dbg plugin in delphi


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I recently started playing with the Delphi language and decided to create a little x64dbg plugin that will add a calculator and a notepad in x64dbg.

Since @quygia128 made x64_dbg-PluginSDK and the CleanupEx plugin, I decided to go with x64_dbg-PluginSDK.

Due to the fact that x64_dbg-PluginSDK lacks a few functions, because the last update was in 2014 and for this reason there were some functions missing in the code, e.g. you cannot add icons, menu in disassembly, HexDump etc...

I tried to compile the plugin with DELPHI x96dbg Plugins SDK, but the plugin does not work, i.e. x64dbg crashed.

Then I decided to update x64_dbg-PluginSDK and add the missing functions, now the plugin works fine and maybe it will be useful to someone.


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Yes, I know it's in x64dbg.

The Plugin Example is for a beginner to programming like me, and there are certainly a lot of bugs in bridgemain.pas, _plugins.pas, but a simple plugin works 🙂

Thank You mrexodia for Your work and for creating x64dbg.


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Ok, I found some bugs in bridgemain.pa and _plugins.pas which I fixed.

Now it uses x32dbg.dll and x64dbg.dll, previously it used x32_dbg.dll and x64_dbg.dll which generated an entry point not found error and now it should work and I hope that more useful plugins will be created🙂


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I updated DELPHI-x96dbg-Plugins-SDK if someone needs it.

I removed _plugins_type.pas, because it generated an error in the x64 version, and since almost everything is based on _plugins.pas, _plugins_type.pas was an unnecessary unit.

On 7/21/2022 at 7:32 AM, mrexodia said:

Just so you know, there is already a notepad built in ^^

I have a question for you mrexodia. Is it possible to make such an x64dbg Jumper?

I mean is it worth trying to do and will it work the same as in ollydbg?

Because if not, there is no need to deal with the code...




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