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Shield Obfuscator (Military Grade) for all .NET applications


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Free version is a joke and I doubt the paid one will be any better. 
.NET Reactor is definitely more difficult to unpack. So is ConfuserEx, if you use it properly.


Just for the kicks - try to deobfuscate the attachment (protected with all free features enabled):





EDIT: fixed the screenshot.

EDIT2: enjoy the youtube videos :Dhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0KRrs_P9Wm6sfcz89f4GQ/videos 




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There are many free and open source obfuscators in GitHub that are much better than DotnetSafer.

DotnetSafer made by few kids who call themselves companies to raise inexperienced people money.

Also you can't trust a cloud based service to obfuscate your private files.


Try this heavily modded fork of ConfuserEX:


Or if you can pay for a protector try Dnguard HVM, it's a really strong protector.

Vmprotect 3.5.1 also is awesome.

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