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Will buy backlinks on security/reversing/hacking blogs or sites. Payment with BTC / XMR / ETH.

Bartosz Wójcik

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Bartosz Wójcik

Do you have an old (or a new, I don't care) security / reverse engineering / hacking related blog or a website and you want to earn extra cash to put a link to my site?

Hit me up at private message with the link to your site so I can examine it and if it's ok we can make a deal. Instant payment with BTC / XMR / ETH.



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I have. I'm a webmaster and the page's facebook page influences people in my country (underdeveloped). I used to inbox you and got kicked. I'm talking about hard sell prices in my country. for small programmers hello because i am interested That day I saw an interesting sale ad, but it actually looked like a scam.
At that time I was thinking of purchasing pcLock software to hire small users. A year someone will hire me to do software 2-3 times. Thousands of followers read articles that most people in the country don't care about.


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