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This is just a x64dbg script system support.
old AdvancedScript was bugsy and its idea was very bad.
so I recode the system again in a new way, I hope all will like it.


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Does it support old Ollydbg scripts? If the answer is yes how much of the commands are supported?


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Does it support old Ollydbg scripts?

No it doesn't .

put try to code with it and u will find how much it's easy to code complex script.

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Great tool that solve some my problems. I guess it will be successor of OllyScript. Keep going your work.

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Posted (edited)

What’s new in version 2.5:
- Fix bug update array length from search functions.
- Add new Functions : $exepath() , $exename() ,$exebase() , $Sectionbase(addr) , $ModuleBase(ModName) , $SectionSize(adrr) ,
$DisAt(addr) .
- Support sign values.


ADD search for Sequence of commands script sample in the sample folder


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