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x64dbg command for "Breakpoint > on Access> Dword"

Darth Blue

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Hello guys.

the command `bphws $abc, 'r'` puts a hardware breakpoint on execute. But, what i want to do via command is to `breakpoint > on acces > dword`. You know you can do this right click on **DUMP** window and select `breakpoint > on access > dword`.

I have searched:

x64dbg documentation
tuts4you forums

Unfortunately i couldn't find a way to do that. Did i miss something?

P.S I need this because i am writing a script.


Thank you :)

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According to docs, 2nd argument = "r" sets break-on-readwrite (=on access), which is counter-intuitive but seems to match the code.

You'll need to use 3rd parameter to set size.


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Hello kao;

Thanks for reply. I have tried the command:

bphws esp-4,'r',4

But nothing changed, look at the screenshot i have attached.

In my situation, if i set breakpoint by the command which i have shared above, x64dbg doesn't break on hardware breakpoint. Bu it breaks on if i set `Right click on dump window > hardware breakpoint > on access > dword`.

Thank you have shared source from x64dbg's github page but i still could not find a solution.


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