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capstone vcpkg package broken?


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I am porting some tools over to vcpkg package manager. Maybe it's just too late, but it seems to me the capstone package on vcpkg is broken. Installed with vcpkg install capstone:x64_windows.

The following:

cs_open(CS_ARCH_X86, CS_MODE_64, &handle);

returns CS_ERR_ARCH,  because the x86-init function in

static cs_err (*cs_arch_init[MAX_ARCH])(cs_struct *) = {

in cs.c is Null. Which  would suggest that CAPSTONE_HAS_X86 was not defined during compilation of the package.


Can someone confirm this?

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For future reference, you  have to specify the architectures explicitly...

vcpkg.exe install capstone[x86,arm,arm64,evm,m680x,m68k,mips,ppc,sparc,sysz]:x64-windows-static


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