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fopen & fwrite Line Breaks Macintosh issue


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Hi guys,

I'am using those C functions above to read / write data to file and have that problem with the Macintosh CR (see notepate status bar).In normal case I write text fields like this...

db "Some Info", 13,10
db "Here too", 13,10
db "Look not!",0

....just 3 test lins with one line break between.Now if I do use the fwrite function with it then it does write the LBs in double LBs like this...

db "Some Info", 13,10,13,10
db "Here too", 13,10,13,10
db "Look not!",0

....and not in Unix style.How can I tell the function using Unix style instead of Macintosh?


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First, you're mixing up line endings:

  • DOS/Windows line endings are CR+LF (in decimal 13, 10)
  • Linux/Unix line endings is LF (10)
  • Macintosh line ending is CR (13)

So, which ones do you have and which ones do you want?


Second - fread()/fwrite() function works differently, depending on what flags you pass to fopen(). If you open file as text (default), fread/fwrite will change line endings. If you don't want your line endings to change, just open the file with "b" flag.
Something like this:

pFile = fopen("myfile.txt","wb");
fwrite(pFile, something....)

As always, MSDN explains it in more details:


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