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How to create splitter?


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Hi guys,

I was trying to check out those splitter control (pseudo control) stuff and don't find any easy examples for that.I didn't worked with splitter/s before and I would give it a try to know how to use and implement it if I should need it.So I am not really sure anymore about that splitter stuff.Is it a real control class I can use with CreateWindowEx or is it just a pseudo control created by few controls (EDIT etc) using the WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE style?!?In MASM package I can find a example source (masm32\examples\exampl05\splitter\splitter.asm) and the code does just that to create 2 EDITS (no splitter control) and working with that.This seems to be really tricky so you need to calc every move for all controls you wann add etc.This source also dosent work correctly at WM_SIZE and splitter bar does move to left side if you resize the window.All in all it looks not easy to handle splitter on that way.Just wanna ask whether you do know any methods of using / creating splitter/s?Maybe you can tell me something about that or you have some example codes I could check out / adapt for MASM etc.Thank you.

Attached the MASM example of splitter



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