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SmartAssembly 7

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SmartAssembly 7 full encryption options! Is this easy?

SmartAssembly 7 full encryption options with a few tricky class inside source code. When you enter license key correctly, a messenger with the Success!!! will show.

Good luck.


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So easy 
you can unpack it under 10 sec :)

just Use SimpleAssemblyExplorer

1. Use String and Flow Options ( or if its doesnt have cflow , just use String Only Options ) then Deobfuscate
2. and if Its have a Delegates ( make sure you checked the Delegates Call Options ) then Deobfuscate
3. and Drag and Drop to De4dot ( this will automaticly clean the rest )

and this the results


internal void method_0(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string text = this.textBox_0.Text;
            if (text == "SOL")


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