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I am trying to unpack 2 dll files which i'm not sure what they do. they seem to memory patch on some files.

with Die it is detected as VMProtect, but when i browse them with CFFExplorer, and looking at different sections, I'm only seeing TORO0 and TORO1 with no vmp sections.

I am not sure if it is VMP and so I have no clue how to unpack. can someone provide me some information on which kind of packer i am confronting with?

also I can provide sample dll if someone can help.



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thank you.

I guess it is vmprotect then.

I both have tried LCF-AT script and manual method using VirtualProtect API call without success.

as far as i know when i put bp on VirtualProtect, i have to see in dump section the code section gets decrypted. but in my case it does not do that and i wonder why.

do you have any idea?

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It is probably a wibu codemeter dongle dll emulator made by toro from exetools. Unpack will not be enough you will need to devirtualize his encryption protection as well.

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