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Decompile JSC files


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During my research, i noticed that there's some difference between packed electron apps.

Some of them are rally easy de-packable,and the source code it's really well understandable and not too much obfuscated.

Sometimes i found the whole source compiled into a Javascript compiled file. The obfuscation of the code doesn't seems to hard, in fact if it was packed with bytenode there's still the possibility do debug it with the same module.

But,to get deeper into it, what could be a good approach to analyze it fully? Cause it looks like it has no library dipendency cause all the node modules used are packed inside the jsc file. Also it's quite hard to debug it cause it looks like it can be debugged just with the original engine it was compiled with.

Any help is appreciated┬á­čśë­čÖî┬á

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