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Can you convert batch to disassembler?


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The entire source code to taskkill has leaked online with the recent Windows XP / Server 2003 / etc. leaks if your goal is to see what the program does in full.







Some of the leak is still up on GitHub, you can find the full thing elsewhere.

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No no, my purpose is completely different.

If there is a short code like "taskkill / IM notepad.exe / F" in assembly language, if-
I want to add that code to a code cave section in my.exe file with the help of the multiline ultimate assembler.

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you need win32 api to do this. Either you translate the semantics of that shellcommand to win32 apis and implement that in assembly, like done here:


Or you use the system() api (or shellexecute) and use that in your code:


system("taskkill / IM notepad.exe / F")

The latter seems to be what you are looking for...

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