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libv2 1.5 for MASM


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Hi there. 

I am looking for another v2m player that uses this kind of version of libv2 , because the V2M player from MagicH uses only libv2 1.0 (which he made it work for vista and later) and i saw some assembly source code that uses libv2 1.5 on a THETA NFO viewer 2.2 , so i'm gonna post a part of the code where the libv2 is initiated and loaded in asm :

include			./Music/libv2simple.inc
includelib		./Music/libv2simple.lib
externdef c theTune:byte
externdef c theTune2:byte

include 		winmm.inc
includelib winmm.lib

DlgProc :

	; libv2 music start
	invoke V2MInit,offset theTune,FUNC(GetForegroundWindow)
	invoke V2MPlay;

anyone has this library for asm please ? i need it for newer v2m's .


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On 11/13/2020 at 4:41 AM, kao said:

I don't think that lib was ever released to public - but it's relatively easy to rip it out of THETA NFO Viewer EXE.

yea kao

it was used on THETA NFO viewer and patchs

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