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How to make Context Menu for my tools ??


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i want to make Context Menu  for my tools like New Context Menu in picture or 7-zip or Winrar i readed a topic for that and i know i must use c++ to make it but i can't do it any one has tutorial to do it or explain how 



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Just to clarify, do you want to create a new menu for all of your different tools not written by you or do you want to integrate the tools you have written into the context menu?

7-zip and winrar integrate themselves into the context menu and the 'New' context menu is a windows feature

If you want to create a new menu like the 'New' menu then it can be done easily by editing the registry

If you want to code your apps to integrate themselves then you don't have to use C++, you can use whatever language you code in to create a shell extension COM server which registers itself into your system

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Thank for all 

i have use ezshellextensions and i can make it 

Code dll and i can choose what file type i want to make context menu for it


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