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Latest VMProtect vs Latest Themida


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I am working on an app to archive some important files in a compressed-encrypted format,

What is the best for me to use (Virtualization) VMProtector or Themida ?


Thanks in advance

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If your application is .NET don't bother with any of them you are better using any .NET obfuscator/packer like Confuser/NetReactor/etc.

If it's a normal native C/C++ application then I recommend you Themida. Having analyzed both of their latest versions I can tell that Themida VMs are way more complex than the simple VMProtect stack based VM.

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I recommend Themida in case of native C/C++ app.
To be honest, both have enough capability against reverse engineering but excellent reverser would be able to break both.
about difficulty to break them is already discussed VMProtect vs Themida topic.
In my opinion, VMProtect's handler code is typical so reverser who knows it would figure out at first sight.
Furthermore,VMP has only one type VM and  have few option about thier VM. you can choose only code mutation on/off.
compared to that, Themida has many type of VMs.(fish,tiger,dolphin,eagle.. and so on.)
and you can adjust VM's code complexity so you would protect your code more flexibly. that's why I recommend Themida.

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