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Needing a Very Small Help in C# PLEASE !!


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I have One textBox and a Button1

Code of btnStart

	if (this.txtBox.Text.Length == 0)
		Interaction.MsgBox("Please Insert Your Data", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, null);
	this.thflag = false;
	this.th2flag = false;
	this.btnstart.Enabled = false;
	this.btnstop.Enabled = true;
	this.th = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.BlackHat));
	this.th.IsBackground = true;
	this.Timer1.Enabled = true;

This is my code of this.BlackHat 

		using (WebClient webClient = new WebClient())
			foreach (string text in this.txtBox.Lines)
				if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(text))
					string address = "https://XXXXXXX/" + text + "XXXXXXXXXXX";
					for (;;)


So What is My Problem ?

When I paste my Data into textBox like this


So My code sent request One by One means First it get "text1" then once this query executed it move to "text2" and then to "text3" 

I want it to make like this that When I press Button "Start" It reads 50 Text at once.

means + text + this Code in the URL give input like text1,text2,text3.......text50 in one request and after this text51,text52,text43.....text100 in 2nd Query.

For Example,
I put 
text100 in the textbox So now my URL is like this --

"https://XXXXXXX/" + text1 + "XXXXXXXXXXX"; after this
"https://XXXXXXX/" + text2 + "XXXXXXXXXXX"; and after this
"https://XXXXXXX/" + text3 + "XXXXXXXXXXX"; and so on ... 

I want it that It reads Data ;like this 

"https://XXXXXXX/" + text1,text2,text3,text4......text50 + "XXXXXXXXXXX";

"https://XXXXXXX/" + text51,text52,text53,text54......text100 + "XXXXXXXXXXX"; and so on

So Please guide me What Changes I need to do or How I can do this. 

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Get the next 50 elements and concat them, then repeat.


If you want to add a delimiter for every text use Join instead.



You should consider taking a programming course.


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