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VMProtect v3.4.0.1155

Go to solution Solved by BlackHat,

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VMProtect v3.4.0.1155

Try to unpack or alternatively provide a serial. If there is no solution provided by Saturday 11am (GMT+0) I will attach the same without debugger detection.

Protections used:

  • Debugger detection (User-mode + Kernel-mode)
  • Ultra (Mutation + Virtualization)

Disabled protections:

  • Virtual Machine
  • Packer


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they've done a really nice job!

valid key:




simply you need to figure out how VM read instructions/Eh etc and restore them. devirtualizing all .net targets are the same so try to write a devirtualizer for simple VM and learn how to deal with them.
some other info you can find here & here.


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Teddy Rogers
10 hours ago, Reza-HNA said:

@CodeExplorer hi, added some info

That is still light on with detail and context. It basically links to a tool you used and someone else's post...


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On 5/21/2020 at 1:33 PM, whoknows said:

@Reza-HNA shared the solution through PM, restore body method and decrypt the string.

Can you explain bro little bit info regarding removing VMProtect Anti Tamper Remove and restoring Strings ? 

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16 hours ago, BlackHat said:

Can you explain bro little bit info regarding removing VMProtect Anti Tamper Remove and restoring Strings ? 

The anti-tamper method is virtualized, so yes you can remove anti-tamper but the app will crash every time because the anti-tamper check method is virtualized.

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5 hours ago, kao said:

@BlackHat: thank you, it's a nice tutorial! :) 

But could you please fix images in the tutorial, they are very small and unreadable?


This is a basic approach example apply on almost all tool protected using vmprotect as suggested by wwh1004 


Image 1 - KTxsQsJ.png

Image 2 - qItHHIv.png



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