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File not Found for Lena's-Tiga's and Olly Tuts


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Hi Friends,

I planned to learn the Olly and Ida so landed here after Googling the Tuts, however I have found that the downloads are not available anymore here. Any specific reason these are deleted? Any other tuts series that you would like to recommend to start from scratch. I can see few videos on Youtube, but they don't have audio, moreover I think the ones uploaded here would have some source files as well to practice.


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3 hours ago, n3wbie01 said:

Any specific reason these are deleted?

Teddy Rogers is in the process of re-uploading all the files (very slowly, whenever he finds the time), in his own words... So either wait or google and get them from elsewhere :D

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Teddy Rogers

Files have already been uploaded here...


Yes, it is going slowly unfortunately. Lots of other things in life taking up and preoccupying my time these days.

If someone wants a particular file to re-upload I will prioritise them...


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