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PLC : S-7 1200 & FATEK


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hi guy


how can crack a plc or hmi password? 

how can crack AVR  or ARM  IC?

is there any real solution?

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11 hours ago, Hookahice said:

What is the PLC or HMI that you are using? Need the names, versions, models... Need more info!

thanks for your reply

HMI : delta  B model 

PLC : S-7 1200 & FATEK

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18 hours ago, Hookahice said:

I'll send you a PM with private tool for decrypting PLC & HMI password. You can give it a shot...

thank you very much

first i need to cracking s-7 1200 so the tool dosent do that

i am looking for learning how can cracking plcs and hmi  .. can you help me?

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how can get frimware for s7-1200 ? siemens upadte the frimware by an application that named Tial ... and the frimware go inside the cup so how can get the firmware  for do reversing engineering? is it any solution?

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