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On 5/18/2020 at 1:59 PM, BlackHat said:

How these Unpacking Posts are getting approved ? It is clearly written in the Rules that the solution of challenge will not be accepted if you don't describe the steps. 
Here everyone showing that they have cleaned it but no one is telling how ? so literally this is not a valid contribution to the forum if you don't descibe how it has been done. 

Just uploading files of cleaned is not all about unpacking. I think everyone must need to describe the steps or approach he has done to clean it. 
If I sound rude, I am sorry but this is what i feel. 


18 hours ago, Washi said:

Have to agree with this here. As far as I know, tuts4you is a place for educational content, not a place for showing off. What's the point of sharing just the unpacked binary, other than for bragging rights?

You are both right, i have edited my response.

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