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Language : C++
Platform : Windows, 32/64 bit
OS Version : Windows 10
Packer / Protector : None

Description :

Hey all,

Here's a new challenge for everyone interested to learn things, I am sure you guys will surely find this interesting. 

some rules for this challenge

  • code a valid keygen which can generate multiple valid serial for a given name
  • no code ripping from the keygenme challenge is allowed
  • if you are able to fish a valid serial, please post that too with a little tutorial. That will be accepted as a valid solution 😉
  • top winners will be awarded the source code

@kao I hope that you will attempt this keygen me challenge, and I am damn sure you won't take much long to solve this. But if you do try this, I request to to please enlighten us with your suggestions and may be a tutorial. 

Screenshot :


All the best 👍


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updated the post as per guidelines
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@Blue: you have a bug in your crackme that makes keygenning it so much harder. You use string "DE" in 2 places - which is really not good.


So, I cheated. :)


same serial will work for any 4-letter username.

same serial will work for any 6-letter username.

same serial will work for any 12-letter username.


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  • Solution

Another bug in crackme - certain part of code will get stuck in eternal loop. For example, try using serial "QzBDMDBCMEJCMEIwREUwRC0tREVDMEFE" :)

Attached is a keygen + source which works it's way around different issues in keygenme. Except the eternal loop, that is..



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