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How to switch between windows


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I couldn't find an argument to jump to the breakpoint window.



find cip, "00 00 00 00"
cmp $result, 0
je error

bp $result

cmt $result,"OEP"
//d //--> If I make "d" here, it goes to the Cpu window. Is there a parameter to jump to the breakpoint window like this?

msg "Please switch to breakpoint window"

msg "Pattern not found!"


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There is no command to make the breakpoint window visible, that is only exposed from the menu currently. Likely with a Qt plugin you could make a command but why do you need it?

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There won't be any update for this. If you really need it you can develop some abomination with AHK or similar (you can easily write your own commands), but switching to the breakpoint tab is not a commonly-wanted feature.

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