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.NET CrackMe (First Attempt)



Language : C#
Platform : Windows x32/x64
OS Version : Windows 10
Packer / Protector : Modded ConfuserEx + a packer.

Description :

Basically, just find the key to decode the string.

All I will be (probably) using this for is for is to garbage-up some .INI files for my apps to read/write to, so that way there's no plain text.

This isn't for hiding some sensitive information lol. 

Also, if you could, rate the difficulty from 1/10. Thanks!

Screenshot :




Edited by Kris
Updated the CrackMe.rar (see edit history)

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I edited the CrackMe.rar with a slight change I'll be using for now on when I use this in my apps for .INI files. I cleaned up my code a little too instead of trying to try-hard for this challenge.
I feel it was okay for me to edit this since a reply hasn't been posted yet. If it was wrong please let me know. Thanks!

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