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Pass Debugger Check in VMprotect 2.x


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I'm dealing with an app which is protected whit VMProtect 2.x (Checked by DIE).

i checked some windows api like :

  • CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent ()
  • IsDebuggerPresent ()
  • ...

and use some ollydbg plugins like:

  • Olly Advanced
  • Hide Debugger
  • StrongOD

But it still get this error:



Here is my log data:log-MyApp.txt

what should i do to pass this error and open the app by debugger?

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On 12/25/2019 at 1:17 PM, HostageOfCode said:

If it's 64bit try sharpod if 32bit titanhide or scylla hide but titanhide hooks all the kernel checks.


I tried it, but i dont know if i used it in right way or not?! do i have to attach the app to debugger and then find the app's PID (i used this :


in cmd ) and insert the PID into the gui and select the methods and hit the 'Hide' button.


but it still detect the debugger !!! :((


I tested the TitanHide test file and it works correctly. when i hided it, all of the flags turns 0.

but still it does'nt works on my app!

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