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[Help] Build Scylla Source with Visual Studio 2013


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Hello Guys,

Recently I tried to build the scylla source from git, which unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I am trying to build it in visual studio 2013. Would someone guide me to do it right.


I have upgraded the project to vs2013 and build it. But it won't fix the file properly, the dump doesn't work [which would work if fixed otherwise from the released scylla binary.]

Solution Requested:

1. Correct GIT command to sync the project properly to local drive.

2. Additional advice to make the correct build on vs2013.



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Hi again,

The original repositry is not for VS2013 or above it seems, the fix below works very well for me [at the expense of throwing away XP compatibility].

LonghronShen Forked Scylla

I hope this help others like me, it makes me wonder why tuts4you never got to mention it anywhere.

If someone finds this useful, please don't forget to give a reaction to this post.



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