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How to integrate a browser into app?

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Hi guys,

I am looking for any engine to build a browser in a app window for MASM.I found some example sources using some IWebBrowser2 (IWB2.inc) but it has no descriptions inside how to use it etc.Just would like to know if there are any hlp file to download to know how to work with it?Also wanna know how save it is using something like this.If I see it right then its using the IE stuff for browsing.In this case I also dont know whether its doable to create a own popupmenu sending data to my app itself you know.Not sure about that yet.Maybe anyone has some hints for me.Below I did attach a example source I found.



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There are more detailed articles covering this in C++ but you should be able to port to your needs. Basically, IWebBrowser2 is just a headless object that manages doing all the work of the browser but with no output/display. You are in charge of linking it to other interfaces to get it to render as you need to.

Here's two articles that cover the other interfaces that can be used to link it to an existing window:


From those, you can see the other interfaces needed and look up other MASM examples that may use them specifically. 

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