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Analyzing Keyboard Firmware


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Hey guys,

After a long time I started writing on my blog again.


Recently I bought a cheap SPC Gear GK530 mechanical keyboard to test out the Kailh Brown keyswitches. Overall it has a nice feel and you can change the epic RGB-lights to just be a dimmed constant color so I would recommend it for typing.

Unfortunately the macro/rebind feature is not very much to my liking. Right now you have to switch to Gaming mode (FN+Win) and then you can use use your modified keymap (with macros). In this mode you cannot use the Windows key (because it is locked) and it is generally quite awkward.

My preferred mode would be that holding Caps Lock enables my custom layer, which unfortunately does not seem to be supported. At this point I thought it would be a fun project to try and hack the firmware to support this behavior.


Best regards

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