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Detecting Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) support in Visual Studio???


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Thanks Ted for the good direction!
Here is the working code:

int isAvxSupported()
int HasAVX = 0;

xor eax, eax
  cmp eax, 1           // does CPUID support eax = 1?
  jb not_supported

  mov eax, 1
  and ecx, 402653184  // check 27 bit (OS uses XSAVE/XRSTOR)  018000000h
  cmp ecx, 402653184  // and 28       (AVX supported by CPU)  018000000h
  jne not_supported

  xor ecx, ecx         // XFEATURE_ENABLED_MASK/XCR0 register number = 0
  xgetbv               // XFEATURE_ENABLED_MASK register is in edx:eax
  and eax, 6        // 110b
  cmp eax, 6        // check the AVX registers restore at context switch
  jne not_supported

  mov HasAVX, 1

  mov HasAVX, 0

return HasAVX;


I don't have AVX!


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2 hours ago, Teddy Rogers said:

What CPU do you have?


AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245
I know it is an very old CPU; I bought it 7 years ago!
I've thought to buy new motherboard/CPU/RAM.

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