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Edit compiled plugin binary to work with latest ioFTPD


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I have a ioFTPD plugin called ioA, somehow it doesn't work with the latest ioFTPD.

The problem is either on how ioA handling only the old ioFTPD users/groups file or ioA is still using old Windows API in which doesn't compatible anymore with windows 7 and up.

The job is to make sure all ioA functionality to work in the latest ioFTPD or Windows version.

The current ioFTPD is freeware not a shareware so this is only my own initiative to revive the ioFTPD community by first fixing the ioA plugin.

The ioA author is nowhere to be found, that's why i need help for reverse engineering it.

Either i credited your name as new 'maintainer' of the fixed ioA or my small fee around 50-100$ (paypal).

The later fixed ioA binary must be not protected or encrypted after the completion of this job.

Contact me through P.M for the ioFTPD + ioA already configured and setup.

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Anyone can try to fixes it, i have uploaded the ioFTPD-v7.7.7.10008-1 + ioA already being configured to run on c:\ioFTPD.

Extract the included ioFTPD folder from the rar archive into drive c:\, and on the command prompt register ioGUI activex component :


Default Login is : ioFTPD/ioFTPD (username/password)

and run the ioFTPD server through C:\ioFTPD\ioFTPD-Start.exe, a ioFTPD server along with the ioGUI2 will launched, you can test the problematic command through ioGUI2->Console.

type the following in the ioGUI2->Console tab below :

site msg * Testing 

The command means to send all registered ioFTPD users with message "Testing", but ioA.exe through logged in "C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\ioA.debug" will throw an error :

09-07-2019 19:39:49 MSG - ioA Version: 2.0.8
09-07-2019 19:39:49 MESSAGE - E002 Error while writing messages to all users. Make sure messagepath is correct
09-07-2019 19:39:49 MSG - Time to run command: 16ms

Addition, upon ioFTPD first launch you need to wait couple of minutes in other the ioFTPD certificates file to being created (C:\ioFTPD\system\ioFTPD.dhp,  C:\ioFTPD\system\ioFTPD.pem,  C:\ioFTPD\system\ioFTPD.key).

also not working command is

site msg ioFTPD Testing 

The command means to send ioFTPD user with message "Testing", but ioA.exe through logged in "C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\ioA.debug" will not logged any error and message will not being send/created :


So in general not working command is "site msg" ioA command, the job or objective would be fixing the "site msg" ioA command, The targeted ioA.exe located in C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe.

The ioA config file is located at C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\ioA.cfg , the location in which the messages file is in Message_Files_Path variable, inside the ioA.cfg, the current configured location is Message_Files_Path        = C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\msg , as the problem above, after the user trying to send a message, the message file is not created.

From my simplistic debugging the file should in this filename & location format C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\msg\UID, for example ioFTPD having UID "0" so the message file should be created as "C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioA\msg\0"


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