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__m128i definition in BarsWF SSE2 project


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Hi again. BarsWF once again.
So the CUDA project I got it working.
The SSE2 project is still bogus.

I could notice only these warning:
1>LINK : warning C4743: 'union __m128i sse2_nodata' has different size in 'C:\BarsWF-master\md5.cpp' and 'C:\BarsWF-master\global.cpp': 18 and 16 bytes
1>LINK : warning C4743: 'union __m128i gpu_mask_2_128' has different size in 'C:\BarsWF-master\algo\md5\algo_md5.cpp' and 'C:\BarsWF-master\global.cpp': 18 and 16 bytes

In global.h is defined as fallows:

extern global_data *g;

//:-[ Not reliable as class member
extern __m128i gpu_mask_2_128;
extern __m128i CONST_MAX128,sse2_nodata,sse2_lendata,target_sse[4];
extern __m128i md5_const_sse2[64];

In global.cpp is this:

global_data *g = NULL;

__m128i gpu_mask_2_128;
__m128i CONST_MAX128,sse2_nodata,sse2_lendata,target_sse[4];
__m128i md5_const_sse2[64];

Any way to fix the warning?



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I did this on md5.cpp:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    char cresult[100];
    int Size1 = sizeof(gpu_mask_2_128);
    sprintf(cresult, "__m128i size = %d", Size1);

This prints 16 bytes: which is the right size: 128 bits / 8 = 16 bytes!

So I guess I should just ignore this warning!

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