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can anyone tell me what the strongest setup for Themida protector is? If I untick automatic vm handling I can choose which vm's to use, I heard Dolphin is the newest, but shark32 and eagle32 have the highest complexity, does that make them better to use? my program is very simple so I don't care about speed reduction. I just want the hardest to RE.



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1. Read https://www.oreans.com/ThemidaHelp.pdf

2. Add obfuscation like a ithare::obf

3. Encrypt strings with xorstr https://github.com/JustasMasiulis/xorstr

4. For education read https://github.com/lurumdare/ideas

5. Some tricks https://github.com/lurumdare/DefensiveGuideAgainstCrackers

6. Use embedding objects https://github.com/lurumdare/furikuri_tutorial (I think it is anti-disassembler https://forum.reverse4you.org/t/eset-finfinsher/1127 supported VMProtect, test on Themida and write me PM)

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