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Simple CrackMe #2 - Find The Missing Key

Go to solution Solved by Mizre,

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Language : C++
Platform : Windows x86
OS Version : Windows
Packer / Protector none


Gold: A Simple CrackMe Solve the missing key.

Bronze: If u don't find key - Patch it.




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This program was very easy to solve without the key. All you have to do is rename one of the JNE to JMP and it would work. Created a patch for the file.


Download for a patch is in the attached files, the patch was created by dUP2.


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  • Solution


Started with searching all text strings for Unregistered then placed a BP on the first call prior to the badboy at that location


Some strange string is shown


A little further down there is a loop which reiterates the characters in the correct order to give the password




The password is : find_me_if_you_can

It was a good exercise for a newbie like me thank you. I realise that patching also achieves the same effect as registering but for some serial fishing is another option. As the great Lena 151 always said "There are many ways to attack a target"

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Add walkthrough to the solution
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Nice starting my cracking journey, cracked with patching, serial phishing and hex editing the serial key itself using x64dbg

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